The pedagogues educated abroad and their impact on the education in Serbia in the late 19th and the first half of the 20th century

Maja Nikolova


Serbian scholars have left a great mark in the field of science, culture, politics and social life in Serbia. After returning to their homeland they become the professors in High School, later the University, professors in gymnasiums, teachers schools, other schools and school for women. This is an opportunity to get familiar with the life and work of some pedagogues who have made their mark during special efforts in private life, hard work during the middle and high education, effective in practical work, and by showing original and literary activity. These pedagogues, with their life and work, were influenced on the creation of educational policy in Serbia since the late 19th to the middle of 20th century. All of them were educated in Europian university and with them the foreign influences came to Serbia. Their personal funds are in the Educational museum in Belgrade and their names are: Vojislav Bakic, Jovan Miodragovic, Vicentije Rakic, Vojislav Mladenovic and Vladimir Spasic.


First scholar; students educated abroad; teaching science; European identity and national identity

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